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Thursday, November 02, 2006

They're Loving It! - Their World

I have a confession to make, the gathering photos that were posted earlier were taken using Jason's new FZ30. I was playing around with it and ended up taking photos all around. My own FX7 was occupied by Little Skywalker. He was walking around with it and snapping random shots all by himself. In the end, he managed to dry up the battery with all the flashes. As fate would have it, I forgot to recharge my spare battery after our zoo trip.

Given his height, most of his shots were taken at waist level and kinda blurry.

But then, there are always exceptions when it comes to target that he is fond of and also target that is too big to miss!

His "work" gave me a new insight to his world below the height of 90cm. It's little wonder why he always wants to be carried when we took him shopping at the mall and other crowded places. I mean who could blame him? All he sees are people's hairy and sweaty legs and feet. God knows how the air must have smell like at his height (LOL!). On the other hand, he always enjoy walking and running by himself on a clear field or a big park.

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