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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bali - Flight

After everyone arrived (my boss being the last as usual), we checked in our luggage and proceeded to the waiting area. The plane was very punctual (unlike what many people complained about). Since we brought Little Skywalker, we were given priority to board the plane without having to queue up like everyone else. One of my unit head even lied her way through by claiming she is a senior citizen when she was not (first time I've heard a woman claiming she was older than she actually was)!

The Airbus 320 looked brand new as everything was in mint condition, and the black leather seats were so much more elegant looking than MAS's! The first thing Little Skywalker did was to buckle his seat belt. He also paid full attention when the air stewardess were demonstrating what to do during flight emergency.

One thing I love about taking a smaller jet as compared to the bigger 747 or 777 is the thrill I felt during take-off. The acceleration force is so much more significant and fun. Even Little Skywalker enjoyed it very much. He must be so thrilled about the experience that he fell asleep soon after we took off and went into (the boring) cruising mode.

He only wake up when come meal time. We ordered a nasi lemak and nasi goreng for our in-flight lunch (which is not free). Since we were among the first one who boarded, we got ourselves in the front row seats. J even had enough room to "sit" opposite of our son as if they were sharing a meal in a restaurant.

After lunch, he even had raisins for desert...

Come landing time, Little Skywalker began to feel the change of air pressure when the plane starts to descend. We knew right away from his weird facial expression. He even started to dig his ears with his fingers (LOL!). We gave him some water to sip bit by bit to ease this sensation he's feeling for the first time.

After three hours of flight, we have finally landed at Bali. Little Skywalker bided farewell to the plane before we got out. He even took a picture with one of the air stewardess who had been entertaining him throughout the flight.

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