Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, December 14, 2006


While I was carrying my newborn niece at the hospital, my brain began to flashback to the moment when Little Skywalker was born. It was then I realised that J and I have not carried a newborn baby until he/she is three days old. All we ever experienced were fear and anxiety that Little Skywalker might not survive back then.

Although it has been more than two years now, the past still haunts us, especially now, when the second baby is on the way. We only pray that this round, we can welcome the new baby in a normal and joyful way, like what my brother and SIL are experiencing now...

By the way, my little niece is named Tiffany and her Chinese name is 心慈 (which mean kind hearted).

p/s: My brother has been complaining that he did not have enough sleep for the past few days... LOL!

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