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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bali - Day Trip

After the tiring first day tour, we thought of skipping the tour from second day onwards. But, we decided to give the tour guide another chance since she promised to reduce visits to temples.

We were given a morning call at 7.30am. We then dragged our sleepy asses down the hotel restaurant for a buffet breakfast. The bus left at 8.45am sharp. We were brought to a temple-like theatre set to watch a local cultural show, which we could hardly understand what was spoken. Little Skywalker was quite intrigued with the all the different weird and funny characters of the story.

After the show, we proceeded to a nearby batik factory/shop. The staff there can even paint batik pattern on the clothes you are wearing for a fee.

For lunch, we had to travel more than one hour to Kintamani, where an active volcano (Mt. Batur) is located. The restaurant was located high up in mountain. The temperature was close to Genting Highlands. Unfortunately, the air is quite polluted with the dust from the dark ashes flowing out of the active volcano.

The view was spectacular though (wallpaper material)!

After lunch, everyone were "harassed" by peddlers trying to sell local souveniors. It was sad to see people exploited children in their desperate attempt to make money.

We stopped by a few souvenior shops on the way back. For most of the stops, J and I were sleeping in the bus together with Little Skywalker. At one of the shop that was selling wood crafts, I saw an item that would draw the interest of all mommies. Unfortunately, it was too big to transport back.

Later, we arrived at the Tampaksiring holy spring temple. Lucky us, there were no monkeys around there to steal our stuffs. We saw many locals praying and bathing in a huge pond, which were filled with holy spring water.

As for us, we just lepak around and taking pictures as we went along.

Due to the fact that the temple is a tourist spot, we were led to a street filled with souvenior stalls on the way to the exit. Again, we were being asked from left and right to buy this, buy that.

After dinner (all spicy meal again!), we went back to the hotel, all exhausted and sleepy... again.

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