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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bali - Beach Band

After getting one of our handkerchief stolen by a monkey, we went back to the tour bus. The bus took us back to Kuta to check into our hotel (the Harris Kuta, will talk about that later). We were given 2 hours to freshen ourselves before being ferried to dinner at the Jimbaran Seafood Beach Restaurant, which was 20 minutes away.

The restaurant was really unique in its own way! All the tables and seats were arranged along the beach instead of inside a building. Although our tables were joined together in a long stretch, we could see other couples' tables (with candle lights) nicely arranged to facing the sea!

The pre-ordered seafood set (each consists of ikan bakar, sotong satay, soft crab and some clamps) was quite delicious for the adults. The same cannot be said for Little Skywalker as everything was spicy in nature! We had to dig out the fish meat that was not tainted with sambal and mix with some rice for the poor little fella.

While we were eating, there were some peddlers coming by the table to sell souveniors. We just waved them by as we were trying hard to eat in a "romantically-lit" environment. Later, there was a musical band that came by to provide the much needed entertainment. They were carrying guitars, a drum and a double bass (large violin) for their instruments. Their lead singer was able to sing songs in various languages including Malay, Chinese and English!

After we finish our food, we brought Little Skywalker on a light stroll along the beautiful beach. The sand was so soft that our feet could easily get stuck between them. Little Skywalker had some fun trying to bury his feet under the sand and getting them out later. What can I say? It's a new experience for him...

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