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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bali - The Orange Hotel

According to our tour guide, the Harris Kuta Hotel is a four-star accommodation (less glamour than the Hard Rock Hotel located just a few hundred meters away). It's a five minute walk from the entrance of the hotel to the reception area. Hence, the surroundings is protected from the busy Pantai Kuta street (where the surfers' beach is located).

It just provides you with a sense of peace and tranquility, perfect for a getaway...

To us, the Harris Kuta Hotel is truly a unique place to stay in. From their website, you would have already noticed their orange theme. In fact, the striking color was splashed all over the hotel buildings as well as the staff's uniform. Everywhere you go, you will see orange...

The hotel provides facilities like a gym, swimming pools, children's playroom and a spa (which is quite common in all hotels at Bali). The staff working there are a warm and friendly lot. They will greet you with a smile whenever you bump into them.

As you can see, even the road signs are friendly too!

The hotel also provide surfing lessons to those who are interested. In fact, one of our senior management staff went for the lesson and got herself a certificate!

As for Little Skywalker, he was more interested getting himself familiar with our room. At one point, we thought we had lost him inside the room! It was then we discovered that he hid himself in the TV cabinet! It's funny to see him voluntary open the cabinet doors, went inside, close the door, and then came out again quickly (due to his fear of darkness) soon after...

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