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Friday, January 19, 2007

Celebrating Shit

I know it's every parent's "job" to be overly excited at every little things their children do, especially for all the first-timers. Sometimes, it can be reach up to a ridiculous level

Little Skywalker's bowel movement has been quite smooth for the past two years. I think this is helped by the fact that he has fruits (mainly papaya and banana) and prune juice in his daily diet at my parents' place. Unfortunately, like all good things, it never last. For the past couple of months, he has been trying to "hold it in" for no apparent reason. Probably he thinks that it is too troublesome to "do it" (his dad considers it as a big scam by Indah Water).

His bowel problems peaked while we were at Penang a few weeks ago. He was holding it in for more than four days and finally he gave up and sat in his potty on our last night of stay. His facial expression was showing how hard he was working on "it". After 10 minutes or so, he started to relaxed and we thought it was over. So, we brought him to the toilet (together with the potty that he was still sitting on).

We were surprised to see that the potty was empty when we lifted him up. What was more shocking that we saw a piece of *ahem* shit wedged in between his small "shit hole"! I guess it was too big and too hard to dislodge! I ended up have to manually remove it with my hands (with tissues shielding of course!). J even got more out of him after some "digging"! That was a truly unforgettable incident for us (and for him as well)!

His bowel problems did not stop then. Nowadays, he still tried to hold it in for at least a couple of days before letting it out. Probably due to us cheering him by his side, he will be dragging everyone's name into the process. He would go, "我大便多多了! (I shit a lot already!) Papa very happy already! Mama very happy already! Yeh Yeh happy already! Ah mah happy already… and so on". In fact, he is a much happier boy after those *ahem* shit is out of his system!

We hope that this is just a phase, like all of his other naughty habits. Or else, he would need some Zentel to help in his smooth discarding of body waste...

p/s: Sorry for spoiling your breakfast, and probably your lunch as well :P

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