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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Household Decorations

Since J and I bought the house three years ago, we have not spend any time or effort beautifying the house. If you were to come to our house a few weeks ago, you will noticed that there is not a single painting on all the walls (except a clock), no photo frames and no flowers in any vase (even those fake ones) etc. One of the main reason that we did not put up any decorative stuff is that we are cannot afford too stingy to do so. We thought of getting some nice paintings from IKEA but they are just too expensive! If we were to put any fresh flowers, then someone (read J) would have to do the maintenance pulak!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do a little something for Little Skywalker (since his birthday was coming up). I asked J to take out all the photo frames that we've received since we moved in. I brought all of them to the office, measured them one by one and printed out selected photos of Little Skywalker using office's brand new RM30k color-printer (shhh...!). It was a lot of work as all of the picture frames came in very different sizes! I'd be very surprised if anything developed out of the shops could actually fit in them! Can you believe that we have never developed a single copy of the 22GB photos that we have snapped so far? LOL!

Oh yeah! I even print a few extra and magnetized them to the doors of our refrigerator!

Don't they look nice?

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