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Monday, July 03, 2006

Bedtime "Fight" - Part 1

The following is contributed by J...

On the days where Little Skywalker slept very little or played too much in the morning, he will need to nap in the evening. As he grows older, I’m able to drag his evening nap time to at least after 8.30pm to 9.00pm (after feeding him dinner and cleaning him up). If I managed to bring him up to the bedroom and change him before he wakes up to pee/poo, he will sleep through the night whole, and so could we. However, if he wakes up before I manage to bring him to bedroom, or wake up during the "transportation" process, or when I’m changing him, then we will have a hard time putting him back to sleep again.

One night, Little Skywalker dozed off around 8.45pm before I could clean him up (because I was too busy watching a very funny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, my fault :p). When I was ready to take him up to bed, he already started to twist and turn in his sleep (most likely wanting to pee/poo). I quickly brought him up to the room. But, it was too late. He was wide awake and doesn’t allow me to clean him.

I had to clean him despite his crying and whining because he was holding on to the soap and won’t let go. Egghead managed to stop his crying with a toy train after we came out from the bathroom. However, he wouldn’t allow me to dress him. After feeding him for a moment, he agreed to let me change him into his pyjamas. He felt better and started playing with his toys.

Egghead and I took turn to bath and play with him. While waiting for Egghead to come in, I had a little chat with Little Skywalker...

J: 你有 (you got) angry with mummy or not?
L: 有! (got)
J: Why?
L: *Grinning*
J: Mummy disturb 你 (you) oi-oi har?
L: 这个 (this is) car car, 那个 (that is) Elmo *talk 3 talk 4*
J: 还有 (still) angry with mummy ah?
L: 有! (got)
J: 还有啊? (still got ah?)
L: 没有啦! (no lah!) *grinning with a cheeky face*

to be continued...

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