Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, June 26, 2006

When He Talks...

Act 1:
Little Skywalker woke up after his nap but wanted to keep sucking!
J: 你要喝到几时? (When do you wanna stop sucking?)
L: One... and two... and three!
J: *pengsan*

Act 2:
Little Skywalker wanted to plant a kiss on me with his lips covered with yogurt...
E: Aiyor! So dirty! 走远一点! (Go far far a bit!)
L: *Went and stood at a corner next to him basketball pole*
L: *Looking sad* 我走远一点了... (I walk far far a bit already!)

Act 3:
Little Skywalker headed up the stairs after we came back from Hartamas Shopping Centre...
J: 做什么没有等 mummy? (Why didn't you wait for mummy?)
L: 我拿 soap-y jeh mah! (I take soap only mah!)

Act 4:
After Little Skywalker stopped his once-in-a-bluemoon yelling and crying ritual last night...
J: Mummy 可以去冲凉 brush teeth 吗? 你在这边玩. (Can you play here while mummy go bath and brush teeth?)
L: 不可以! (Cannot!)
J: Mummy 臭臭 wor! (Mummy smelly wor!)
L: 没有啊! Mummy 香香! (No ah! Mummy smells nice!)

Act 5:
J was trying to get Little Skywalker to have his teeth brushed...
J: 不 brush teeth 会有 worm-worm leh! (No brush teeth will have worm leh!)
L: 没有 worm 啦! Car-car teeth 有 worm 罢了! (No worm lah! Only car-car's teeth got worm)
*He was referring to the tow-truck (Mater) toy featured in the movie Cars, we brought him to see in the cinema*

Act 6:
Little Skywalker was sucking on his mummy's breast again...
J: 还有 nen-nen meh? (Still got nen-nen meh?)
L: 不是说没有啦! 还有一点! (Not to say don't have lah! Still got a bit!)
J: 真的给你扎到! (No translation for this...)

As you can see, J and I will grow more white hair just by negotiating talking to him as he grows up!

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