Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Movie Outing - Cars

After our couple movie date, we felt a bit guilty that Little Skywalker was not there together with us. The situation is made worse when we booked the couple's seat for The Da Vinci Code. We realized that the seat is big enough to fit Little Skywalker in the middle with much comfort!

To make ourselves feel better, we decided to bring Little Skywalker for a movie outing! His first movie with us was the screening of Star Wars III last year. He slept through the entire movie back then. We hoped he would at least stay up for half the duration this time. The movie that we went for was Cars that opened on the same weekend. We already got him a few toy cars from the movie thanks to McDonalds previously.

As usual, I tried to book our seats before hand but the phone lines for CineLeisure Damansara were fully occupied. I guess more and more people must have discovered the newly open cinema in that area! Anyway, I finally managed to book our tickets late Saturday. The tickets were for the 12.10pm show as they do not allow bookings for morning shows.

We had our breakfast at the Old Kopitiam in Tesco. FYI, the services at that particular Old Kopitiam were very bad. Almost all their customers were complaining (some even shouting out loud) that no one is taking their orders. After our breakfast, we proceeded to collect our tickets around 11am. We even got a free Cars bookmark that came with our tickets! That naturally went to Little Skywalker. It's amazing how a piece of paper can make him so happy that he even posed for me to take some shots!

After that, we went out to the area between The Curve and the cinema where the fountains were located. Little Skywalker just loved to see water shooting out of the floor! We sat there for almost 30 minutes before it was time to get some pop-corns for the movie. We also allowed him to touch the cold water, which he got a kick out of.

When it was time, we went into the cinema hall. We were glad that Little Skywalker did not complain about the place being dark and scary. He happily sat in between us and started to stuff his mouth full of pop corns. When the movie started, he started to pay attention to the big silver screen. We also brought along his McD car (the red one) to show him that it is racing at the beginning of the movie!

The storyline started to get slow after 30 minutes or so, and Little Skywalker was getting sleepy. He dozed off for 30 minutes or so. Fortunately, he "regained consciousness" after that and kept on watching the movie as well as giving his narrator comments like "this car car...", "drive fast fast", "got bus wor" etc.

The movie went on for slightly over 2 hours. FYI, it was a really good movie from Pixar, especially for kids who can understand what they are talking. The movie basically has no villain at all, as the original "bad guy" is the main character. As you might guessed, the "bad guy" turn over a new leaf at the end, and live happily ever after...

Before I forget, today is my wife, J's birthday! (her age is currently part of CIA's file)

Happy Birthday to you, dear!

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