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Friday, June 09, 2006

Dead Kitten

I was carrying Little Skywalker into the house after we park our car. Suddenly, J informed me about a kitten (slightly older than a newborn), whom she suspected has died, near our water hose at the porch area. Then, she saw another older cat (possibly the mother) which is sitting near the kitten, as if she is mourning silently. I brought Little Skywalker into the house to avoid him getting all excited to see a cat at our house.

When I came out again, the mother-cat had left. So, I took one of my shoes out of their shoebox to use as a coffin for the dead kitten (like what I saw on TV). I slowly scooped the dead kitten into the shoebox. It was not as difficult because the kitten was probably dead for some time as the body was quite stiff already. I did not forget to wish the little kitten "rest in peace" before I cover up the box. Since we do not have a grass area (thanks to the previous owner), I wrapped the shoebox with two plastic bags and left it together with the rest of the rubbish (I still feel really bad about it).

Later at night, the mother-cat came back and must have found that her kitten was missing. She sat near the spot where the kitten was laid previously and let out some "crying" sound for a few minutes (maybe that is the way cats mourn). Little Skywalker heard the sound and was asking "什么来的? (what's that?)". I explained to him that the cat is very sad and she is crying because her child is missing. I also took him to the door and showed him where the cat is. The mother cat left our house for good a few minutes later.

Thinking back this morning, I was quite touched by yesterday's incident. For all we know, the mother cat didn't even know that her child has passed on. Maybe she thought her child was just resting or sleeping. She just stood guard next to her child. That was why I did not chase her away but waited for her to leave before I did what I did - out of respect for her (not to mention the fear of getting bitten by a heard-broken cat).

Who says animals have no sense of humanity? Compared to what I read in the news recently about how small children were abused, kidnap, murdered, babies left in the thrash etc., I would have to say some humans are worse than animals when it comes to humanity and having a conscience.

Is this the kind of world we are leaving our children with? I certainly pray and hope not...

p/s: Speaking about dead animals, do you know that pet dogs will choose to leave their owner and die somewhere else? It is as if they can sense when their time is near...

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