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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Surprise Visitors!

I received a call from Jason yesterday evening while we were driving home from my parents'. Apparently, his much talked-about "all-out-eating-round-KL" tour has finally came to Kepong area. He was at Loc Kee's place as the call originated from Loc Kee's handphone. He asked if we would like to go for dinner and stuff. Since we already had our dinner, I just told him "See how lor!". He said he'll call back later after they had decided.

When they called the second time, it was decided that they stop by my house first. Since they have never came into my house before, we have no problem with it. They (Loc Kee and Sweet Sweet, Milly and Jason) arrived around 8 something. Little Skywalker was quite happy to see visitors! We took out some toys for Sweet Sweet to play.

Contrary to most girls, she preferred Little Skywalker's motorbike instead! She was quite afraid at the beginning and only dare to step on the pedal little by little. Slowly, she started keeping her foot on the pedal, but kept running into wall, cushion, human etc. After some 30 minutes of training, she was riding the bike around the house like a professional bike rider around a race track! Even Little Skywalker had to run for shelter behind his parents when he saw Sweet Sweet heading towards his direction.

Being the usual him, Little Skywalker was reluctant to share his toys, although he has a mountain full of them. Every toy we handed out to Sweet Sweet, he will go grab it back from her. As a result, we had to distract him with something else while Sweet Sweet played with his stuff. So far, she enjoyed the basketball hoops, xylophone, the little keyboard, some cars and the gun.

Since the children were having so much fun, the adults just sat and chit-chat in the living room (without going anywhere else). The gang left around 10pm. After waving goodbyes, we asked Little Skywalker whether he wants "cheh-cheh" to come again and play. And guess what's his answer, "Don't want!". Sigh!

I guess he is still too young to learn the meaning of sharing...

p/s: was busy handling the kids, so no pictures :P

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