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Friday, June 02, 2006

Couple's Weekend

Little Skywalker will be heading up to Genting (once again) this coming Sunday. He will be going there with my parents and my uncle's family this time as both his parents didn't plan any leave for this event. Hence, he will be separated from us for 3 days and 2 nights. FYI, he was on a similar trip last year as well.

Since this Saturday is a public holiday (makes no difference for me but matters to J), we have plan to make full use of it with Little Skywalker before his Genting trip. We planned to bring him to the big playground near FRIM early in the morning. It is not everyday that we get to enjoy some fresh air! After that, we will have our breakfast and head home for some rest.

Initially, we planned to pay a visit to the Belles' residence in the afternoon. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone the trip. On the bright side, a kind friend just offered us two free tickets to the KL International Motorshow at PWTC! Since we had no other plans in mind, I decided to bring J, Little Skywalker and our FX7 (armed with two batteries and a total of 1.5GB memory cards) to visit the sexy ladies along side the beautiful cars!

As for Sunday, Little Skywalker will probably be leaving late morning. J and I got the rest of the day to ourselves. We plan to go for a movie (The Da Vinci Code) at the newly opened CineLeisure Damansara. I drove by yesterday and saw this beautiful and huge building next to the Curve. I can't believe that the entire building are dedicated to cinemas! So, I told J that we have to go there one day! After the movie, both of us might go for a hair-cut since the inpatient Little Skywalker is not around to make noise. Apart from that, we will be at home cleaning up and wash my car.

Apart from that, we will be spending some precious couple's time together... "Project Leia" perhaps?

p/s: Playhouse Skywalker channel is down due to host server kena "hacked"

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