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Monday, June 12, 2006

Shopping Without Him...

When Little Skywalker went up to Genting with my parents a couple of weeks ago, J and I decided to do some shopping on our own. As some of you might know, it is not easy to do serious shopping with a kid monkeying around as we had the tendency of giving in to his demands for toys.

As planned earlier, we went for The Da Vinci Code screening at the CineLeisure Damansara. It was a great movie if you have not expected it to be a Jerry Bruckheimer's action thriller. I particularly loved the special effects scene (they could use more to these) of the part where Robert Langdon deciphered the cryptic text device and the end scene where they showed the tomb of Mary Magdalene. We came out the cinema a very satisfied couple!

After the movie, we decided to shop for some shoes to replace the ones that combusted simultaneously while we were at Genting (we only had one pair each). We were quite surprised that there wasn't a single shop selling sports shoes (Nike in particular) at the Ikano! We had to search through the Curve to find the only two shops located at a remote corner on the 2nd floor. After 45 minutes of browsing and trying, we've finally found our matching pair! What do you think? Don't they make a lovely couple?

As we came out of the shop, I spotted the Cellini Furniture shop that was located on the same row! We have been searching for that shop for some time already since it moved from 1 Utama! You see, we wanted to get a TV cabinet since one year ago! The current one we have (from Ikea, given to us free by my cousin) is too low. Little Skywalker loves to stand right in front of it and play around with the buttons on the TV. Hence, we decided to get a higher one that is out of his reach.

We came across one particular design (from Cellini) that we love a year ago on the newspapers. Unfortunately, we could not find a Cellini outlet that is nearby (free delivery and all). The nearest one at 1U has moved! To avoid postponing our decision any further, we went into the furniture showroom to have a look. We were pleasantly surprised because that same design was on display there!

Both of us took a closer look at the display unit and finally decided to purchase the display unit (saved us almost RM500!) via a 12 months installment plan (interest free). There was a minor scratch at one of the corner which was noticeable at the showroom. But we couldn't care less!

The cabinet finally arrived at our home last Friday. At first, I thought they had given me a new unit instead! Upon careful inspection, I could still managed to find the scratch.

In the end, I found out that the scratch is not visible at our home due to the white color tiles of our floor! It was very obvious at the showroom because they had dark carpets! LOL! As you can see, Little Skywalker's toys have already expanded their territories on the new cabinet!

p/s: the mother of the dead kitten still comes to our house in the evening and let out some "meowing" sounds, we really pity her...

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