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Thursday, June 15, 2006

28 Years Ago...

28 years ago, a baby girl was born at Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Two days later, a baby boy was born at the same hospital. Both of them did not know each other then, neither did their parents. For all we know, they could be lying next to each other in nursery, looking at each other, competing who could cry the loudest for attention. Both their parents could have walked pass each others' shoulders at the hall way. They could have chit chat with each other and shared some moments. They could have bided each other farewell upon discharged.

A few years later, the girl's father got reassigned to work at JB. Consequently, her entire family moved down South and settled down. Meanwhile, the boy's family continued their lives in the busy town of KL.

18 years later, the teenage boy and the teenage girl were sent by their parents to study at Malacca for their tertiary studies. One fine day, the boy caught the girl staring into the clouds at her balcony while he was helping a friend to move her electric piano into her hostel room. Since he was not wearing his spectacles then, he could not get a clear picture of who she is. But nonetheless, he was sure she looked familiar.

The boy then ran some background check on the girl. It turned out that she was living next to one of his friend. He managed to get her phone number and asked her out for the first time! They walked almost 20 minutes to the nearest shopping complex. After spending some time there, they walked back. It was the last day of the semester, they decided to write to each other during the break.

After almost 4 months of courtship, the boy and the girl decided to go on a steady relationship. They moved to Cyberjaya after spending two years at Malacca as the University campus has shifted. Their relationship remained steady all the way. Although they led separate lives (as they have different circle of friends), they managed to find time for each other. During the semester breaks, the boy would always make time to go JB for a visit to the girl's family.

As they graduated, the girl found a job with an audit firm in JB while the boy landed on a job in KL. They hardly get to see each other as often anymore. Most of their conversations are through the mobile phone. Although they quarrel sometime, their relationship remained on solid rock.

One year later, the boy introduced the girl to a job in KL. She managed to nail the interview and moved up to KL. The boy proposed to the girl a few months later and they got married. Their families were reunited again after 25 years. The couple bought a house and settled down in KL.

14 months later, another boy joined them and turned their lives upside down on the day of his arrival itself. Since then, three of them are living happily in their small little home, with each other as company, enjoying life as the day goes by...

Quite a story huh?

Let's see if anyone get what I am trying to say here :P

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