Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Swimming (with Inflatables)

It has been a week long without a single rain drop! So, we decided to go for a little swim at a nearby condominium's pool. Little Skywalker was already ecstatic when he saw us bringing out his inflatables. He dragged everything to the front door and kept reminding us to hurry up! It has been almost two months since his last swim during our Sunway trip (the most he got was to "swim" in his bath tub).

Maybe it has been too long, he did not want to change into his scuba suit and refused to go into the pool! After 10 minutes of persuasion, we've finally got him into his swimming attire and slowly led him near the pool. He finally relented and got in his inflatable "boat" when he saw another kid in the pool. Surprisingly, he was having a lot of fun with his "boat" this time around. He kept wanting to crawl out of it when we first brought him here a year ago!

After some "boat" ride in the adult pool, he wanted to have a dip in the children's pool instead. We had to get him out 10 minutes later as there were some naughty kids trying to play badminton in the pool itself! One of them almost hit Little Skywalker with his racket!

We helped Little Skywalker to put on a pair of inflatables on his arms. He rejected at first, but agreed later when he saw another kid wearing the same thing (peer pressure?). He was very excited that he could float on water all by himself!

He tried his best to keep his head above the water at all times...

Oh yeah! I think he peed a little by the pool side as I could see him shivering a bit! :P

Then, he tried to slide into the pool by himself!

Finally, we encouraged him to jump into the pool by himself (not advisable for other kids his age)! I think he must have drank more than a liter of pool water after so many attempts! He just loved it!

We (I meant J and Little Skywalker) spent more than an hour enjoying themselves in the pool while I took photos and videos of the precious moments. We had a hard time convincing Little Skywalker when it was time for us to head home. We had to promise him many many times that we would be back next time!

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