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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bedtime "Fight" - Part 2

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The following is contributed by J...

I managed to coax Little Skywalker into finishing his 2 ounces of formula milk before we turn off the lights at 10.30pm. He lied down obediently and continued breastfeeding, I also dozed off in a short while. After quite some time, I was awaken by Little Skywalker and a half-awake but pissed-off Egghead.

L: 我要 (I want) gut-gut! 我要 (I want) gut-gut! 我要 (I want) gut-gut!
J: *quickly woke up and gave Little Skywalker his water bottle*
L: *Sipping his gut-gut… playing with gut-gut... water spilled everywhere*
E: Wei! 不要玩 (don't play with) gut-gut! *took away his gut-gut*
L: 我要 (I want) gut-gut! 我要 (I want) gut-gut! *kept chanting and chanting*
E: 不要酱了 (don't be like this) , 不要 gut-gut 了! (don't want gut-gut already)
J: Gut-gut finish 了, mummy tomorrow 装给你 (refill for you), OK? Come nen-nen...
L: 还要 (still want) gut-gut, on the table, 我要 (I want) gut-gut! 我要 (I want) gut-gut! 我去拿 (I go and take) gut-gut!
L: *Stood up and ran on the bed, climbed over our bodies, kicked us, climbed down and up the bed*
E: *Raised his voice* 拿 (take)! 拿! 拿! Take your gut-gut!
L: *Took his gut-gut and 扁嘴 (flat lips) for a moment* 你做么? (What are you doing?) 我 gut-gut 罢了吗! (I gut-gut only mah!)
E: *Angry… couldn’t sleep... went to bath room, drank water, and sat on the bed”
L: *Looking at Egghead* Stupid papa! Stupid papa!
E: ......
L: *Reached towards Egghead* Stupid papa! Stupid papa!
J: 不可以讲 (cannot say) papa stupid!
L: *Kissed and hugged Egghead* Papa oi-oi! Papa oi-oi lah!
E: *Hugged and kissed Little Skywalker*
J: *Giggling*
J: Ok 了, come nen nen (totally not self-supporting in the weaning process :p)
L: Gut-gut gut-gut.. 我要 (I want) nen-nen! (Thank God!)
J: Yes! Come nen-nen, say good night to papa...
L: Good night mummy! Good night papa! And good night Wei Wei!
J/E: Good night Wei Wei!

(The End)

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