Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, July 14, 2006

Birthday Party - Cake

Since the restaurant was getting a bit too crowded (Saturday evening fever!), we decided to do the cake-cutting back at my parents' place. As soon as we laid the cake on the table, Little Skywalker was already holding the "knife" in his hand and very eager to get the cover opened!

After everything was ready, we got the two candles lit and the lights turned off! Everyone sang the birthday song for him while he stood there and replied everyone with a big smile on his chubby face!

As expected, he did not manage to blow out the candles by himself and needed the help of my uncle...

After the candles are out, J helped Little Skywalker to do the cake-cutting ceremony while everyone clapped their hands.

As the cakes were being laid on the plates, Little Skywalker served everyone else by bringing them a piece each! Such a good boy! He has really grown up indeed!

After serving everyone, it was time for him to enjoy a piece of his fruit cake (especially the strawberries)!

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