Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Birthday Party - Dinner

Since Little Skywalker's second birthday fell on a Thursday, he had to wait two more days for his party. J dressed him up nicely with his new shirt (a gift from my friend who got us a cake on Father's Day) and his long pants. He was very eager to show off the two pockets on his pants. We gave him some coins to fill his pockets.

After gathering everyone in my parents' place, we headed to Milwaukee as planned. I managed to book for 20+ seats the day before. It took almost half an hour for everyone to put in their orders. Little Skywalker was already quite impatient sitting in his chair waiting for everyone to order. He dragged me out to the kiddie rides in front of the restaurant.

After that, he also dragged his uncle (my brother) and my uncle to see the fishes in the little pond within the restaurant.

He also did some PR activities with family members while waiting for the food to arrive.

When the food were served, everyone were taking turns to feed him. At times, more than two pairs of hands were seen stuffing food into his mouth!

In response to yl's comment, she's absolutely right! Little Skywalker was wearing slippers to compliment his ah pek fashion! LOL!

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