Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, July 17, 2006

Birthday Party - Gifts

As soon as Little Skywalker finished his piece of cake, he was presented with gifts from his uncles and aunties. He sort of knew whatever that are inside big plastic bags must be something good! He rumbles through the bags and tried to get them off! (You could still see chocolate cream at the sides his lips!)

He found two eggs that contained a Nemo fish and a tortoise!

Then, he gave all his strength to tear all the beautiful gift wrappers into many pieces! It took almost 10 minutes!

It seems that family members do think alike! Little Skywalker landed himself with two fishing toys!

And he could barely fish! However, he was smart enough to turn off the power, put the finish rot into the "fish" which has an opened mouth, turn it back on for the "bite" and got himself a catch! That's our little two years old!

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