Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Big Boy 'ledi!

Little Skywalker had been asking us not to wrap him up in his Mamy Poko at night since some time ago. However, having not enough sleep every night (slept around 12am and woke up at 5.30am) and with J’s pregnancy, none of us got the energy to wake up in the middle of the night to remind him of peeing. Furthermore it would be a real nightmare if he refuse to continue sleeping after that.

Last night, after cleaning and changing him into his pajamas, Little Skywalker told J this:

L: Mummy, 不要包包 pampers liao!
J: Faster 包 pampers bu ran mosquito bite you.
L: 不用了, 我 big boy 了! *in a frustrate tone*
J: Err... 没有 pampers at night 会 wake up go "shi shi" toilet 吗?
L: 会的!! *in a confident tone*
J: Sure ah?
L: Sure!!
J: Last one lah, tonight 包 last one, tomorrow 才不要包 ok?
L: 不要!! No more pampers for me!!
J: Hmm... Ok lah... Mummy put potty in the room ah, at night 你 wake up "shi shi" in the potty, ok?
L: Ok!!


J: (Felt someone climbing over her normally it would be me) Yes, Wei Wei? 做么你在这边的?
L: (Twisting and turning) 要 "shi shi" 了!
J: (Quickly shot up and brought him to the potty) Okok... good boy wor… 要 "shi shi" 会 wake up 的 hor!
L: (Peed in the potty with J’s help) Very dark…
J: (Wondered how he’ll find the potty in the dark) Dark nevermind, good boy wake up "shi shi" in the potty hor...

J lead him back to his bed and he willingly lied down back in his sports car bed and continued to sleep without any fuss.

That concludes his first night...

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