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Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunway Lagoon Revisited

It has been almost a year since we last brought Little Skywalker to the Sunway Lagoon. Since Jess was in town with her family last weekend and wanted to go there, we decided to join in for double the fun!

We were among the first few to arrive and queue up at the gate before it opened. Jess's family came soon after. We bought our tickets together and got a considerable discount with Little Skywalker's McKids card (J still thinks that girl at the counter miscalculated and charged us too low for the tickets).

Since J was pregnant, I got the chance to enjoy the watery fun with Little Skywalker. However, we hope that Little Skywalker will grow to be as brave as Wien to go on all the slides! Lyon did not enjoy the water too much. Hopefully she will in change her mind in their next trip to Tiara Beach Resort.

You can read more about the trip at Jess...

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