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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Their Felicity Moment - Part 2

...continued from Part 1

The wedding started with the announcement by the MC that the entourage would be entering the ballroom. They entered slowly in a step-by-step movement. It's kinda funny since it's the first time we saw something like that. But, I guess it gives the photographers ample opportunities to shoot.

After everyone was in place, the couple exchanged their wedding vows, followed by the wedding rings. It was a touching moment as both of them almost broke down. I hope Greenapple would publish their vows soon so that you can have a read at it. The entourage left the hall after the ceremony as the buffet lunch started.

We enjoyed the buffet very much as the food is very delicious. Little Skywalker enjoyed the desert most because I picked up plenty of strawberries which were served aplenty at the fruit section. The little fella even finished a full glass of champagne (sparkling fruit juice of course)!

As the dance floor opened up, the newly-wed couple was given the honour of leading the first dance. Too bad both J and I don't know how to dance, otherwise we might join in :P

After his meal, Little Skywalker followed the two Belles, running around with their balloons. In fact, both the Belles were so tired afterwards that they fell asleep (one of her mother's lap and one in her mother's arms). Unfortunately, our Little Skywalker was still as active as ever!

Some souveniors we got back from their felicity wedding...

We like to wish both Mr and Mrs Tomato all the best in their new life together as a married couple!!

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