Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ring! Ring!

Ever since his first ride on the bicycle with me (and helped by the fact that he witness my little brother riding a bicycle to school every day), Little Skywalker has been asking for a bicycle of his own. I think he is also getting bored with his ol' Harley and wanted to try something more "grown up" instead.

We try to get one for him from Carrefour, but all the models that suited him were either out of stock or defected. It's was frustrating! Finally, we brought him to a bicycle shop last weekend to try our luck. After some trial runs, he finally settled for one. Actually, he wanted a battery-powered car (which cost 6x the bicycle), but we lied to told him that car was faulty. We also fitted his new bicycle with a bell since he liked it so much.

He went round and round the living room riding on his new bicycle . At first, he thought that his bicycle could perform a reverse function (similar to his ol' Harley) by reversing the direction of his pedaling. After we told him otherwise, he would come down and do a "manual reverse" every time he ride into a corner. He would also ring his bells while he cycles around.

After completing his ride, he would park his bicycle together with his other mode of transportations at his so-called "car parking lot"...

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