Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Talking Tough

On one of the nights during CNY, I was hanging out our laundry at the porch area. Little Skywalker was doing his busy-body thingy as usual by walking around. A lady and her kids opposite our house were playing with some firecrackers. Little Skywalker was quite excited at first, he even ask to bring out his own "pop-pop" in order to join in the fun. He was happily throwing his own "pops" on the floor and enjoying those tiny little "explosive" feedback.

Like all good things, it didn't last. The firecrackers that our neighbours' kids were playing began to get louder, fancier, more unpredictable and a little too much to our son's liking. Little Skywalker was beginning to feel uneasy eventhough he was watching behind the gate. He kept inching closer and closer towards where I was standing, without showing his actual sense of fear though.

Then, out of no where, he put on a brave face and went up to the gates and began to give "warnings" to the kids that were taking the fun out of his night. You cannot imagine the stuff that came out of him:
  • Ooi! 不要酱玩! (Don't play like this!)
  • Ooi! 很夜了咯! (Very late already lor!)
  • Ooi! 几点了! 不要玩咯! (What time now? Stop playing already!)
  • Ooi! 十点了咯! Dark dark了! 去睡觉! (It's 10 o'clock lor! Go to bed!)
  • Ooi! 做么你们不听话的? 不要 naughty 啦! (Why don't you listen to me?)

A few minutes later, the lady decided to call it a night and brought his boys back into their house. Well, at least Little Skywalker did manage to get rid of all the smoke that was coming into our house with all his "tough talk" etc... LOL!

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