Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, February 09, 2007

It's a Bird!

That was what I said (in my mind) when the radiographer pointed her ultrasound sensor to the genital part of our coming second child at UMMC yesterday...

Yes, I went with J for her first checkup at UMMC yesterday. Actually it wasn't really a checkup, it's just a comprehensive ultrasound scan before her actual checkup next Monday. The entire scan lasted almost 20 minutes. The radiographer was very kind and professional indeed! She took the time to point out every part of the little fetus, the head, the hands and feet, the beating heart and the fact that his eyes are opened. We can even see the shape of his little penis through the high resolution scan!

One funny thing the radiographer did was she tried to press her arm against J's tummy to stimulate our baby. As a result, the little fella actually waved his hand in response, which was evident on the screen. "Tengok! Dah tahu bergerak pun...", was what she commented. J and I were both ecstatic and amused looking at the screen.

So? Yes, our second baby is a boy! Although we would love to have a daughter and close shop, but we are still very happy to know the gender of the baby. Bringing up our active and naughty Little Skywalker can be a tough job sometimes. But if we have to go through it again (except the post-delivery trauma), we would be happy to do it all over!

And now we are staring at the chance...

p/s: Sorry to all the Leia fans out there :P

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