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Thursday, February 15, 2007

CNY Preparations

Of all the preparation "work" towards Chinese New Year, my favourite would be inserting money into the red packets. Every year, J would exchange new notes through her office boy. Thanks to her, my family members do not have to queue up at the banks in order to get a hold of those freshly printed notes. I know money is money, but it's a nice feeling stuffing new notes into the Ang Pow instead of some old, crumbled up and dirty notes. After all, it's only once a year!

Last night, we spend a couple of hours preparing the red packets that we will give out during CNY. As usual, I already have a list of people that will be receiving the BIG ones, namely the senior members in the family. We give the BIG ones on the eve of CNY so that it does not go against with the Chinese culture of giving Ang Pow only to those younger and single ones throughout CNY. It's just our way of expressing our gratitude to our elders. Without them and their hard work, there will be no us.

Little Skywalker wanted to help in the packing of red packets. He finally got the hang of doing after a few tries where he crumbled up a few new notes. He got bored after a while and was disappointed with the fact that he did not get to put any sweets into the Ang Pow! It was only after we finished packing that it dawned on me that we forgot to prepare the Ang Pow for our own son! Well, since he only demanded sweets in his Ang Pow, we might as well fulfill his wishes.

Since two years ago, my family has been celebrating CNY in KL. I still dread for the days where we would travel back to my hometown on the eve of CNY and spend a few days there. Due to the increasing size of the family as well as the inconvenience of travelling (not to mention the rising fuel cost), it was decided that we do it in KL instead.

This year, we will be having our reunion dinner at my uncle's place at Bukit Jalil. Everyone will probably spend the one or two nights there. It's a warmth feeling waking up to everyone that is closely related to you. I guess this is what CNY is really about. It's not about the red packets (this does not apply to children) or the fact that we do not have to go to work. It's about the gathering of each and every family member. I think this goes for all the other festivals that we celebrate as well.

We will be travelling to JB on the second day of CNY to my in-laws. On the way, we might drop by Jesslyn's place if she is available. We will be spending a few days in JB and be back in KL on Friday evening. Our plan will give us at least two days of rest before we get back to work again.

How are you with your CNY preparations?

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