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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As mentioned, I attended the Together-Gather Bloggers Party last Friday at the Skyroom, Federal Hotel. Since I was going alone, I car-pooled with James and Mae. Come to think of it, it was indeed a wise decision as we were stuck in a crazy TGIF jam. It took us almost two hours to reach the venue. If I were to be driving alone, I would have turned back half way.

Our kind CEO, Sasha helped us to check in earlier in order to get better door-gifts. I guess everyone was stuck in the jam too as the tables were only half-filled by the time we arrived. The event started with the buffet dinner since everyone was already in deep hunger.

The night went on games (some involving condoms and bra straps), many rounds of lucky draws and of course, countless number of flash lights from every corner of the room. As for me, I got the chance to meet many bloggers for the first time, as well as some familiar faces. You can see almost everyone in the group photo that was taken by ShaolinTiger.

Time just went by just like that. Before I knew it, our table was the last table left while everyone has either went home or for a drink. It's true that birds of a feather flock together. The bloggers who converge on our table were all parents. They were 5xmom, Simon, LaundryAmah, Sasha, Mott, James & Mae, LinPeh, Loc Kee. Our topics were revolved mainly around kids (big surprise!) and Korean dramas.

Everyone took their leave close to midnight. The party was a huge success thanks to Wingz and his working committee, not forgetting all the sponsors as well. Hopefully there will be a bigger one next year! (can hear the sound of Wingz fainting)

p/s: Wife's comment on group photo "all big size one except u"... LOL!

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