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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Greenapple and Tomato

Little Skywalker would remember Ms Greenapple as the "auntie" who sent him an "big Elmo book" for his last birthday. Although he has never met her, he would mention her "name" every time we asked him about the person who gave him the book...

As many of you know, Ms Greenapple and her fiancé, Tomato are back in the country, and they will be getting married this weekend! Before their trip back here, both Greenapple and I have already agreed to meet up before her wedding despite her busy schedule. After a few cancellations and postponement, we finally met up with her and Tomato at The Curve last Sunday.

I We chose to have lunch at TGI's Friday since it is a very suitable place for us to sit down and have a long chat. We talked like old friends although it was actually our first meeting face-to-face. As for Little Skywalker, he warmed up to the lovely and friendly couple at lightning pace. Before we knew it, he was already climbing on top of Greenapple! (literally!)

After Tomato went and got the replacement batteries for their camera, Greenapple just cannot stop taking pictures of our active monkey boy! Knowing he is in the spot light, Little Skywalker was jumping and climbing all over the place. You can almost hear his giggle and laughter from a mile away! He really enjoyed himself thoroughly and fell asleep on my shoulders before we even reach our car.

Both J and I wish to thank Greenapple and Tomato for giving more presents to Little Skywalker. They are really pampering him! It has been a blast meeting up with the lovely couple and we wish them the very best in their coming wedding as well as their future undertakings as husband and wife! I am sure both of them will make a perfect couple as well as loving parents (looking at the way they handled Little Skywalker).

p/s: You can read more about our meet-up at Greenapple's. Oh yeah! Both J and I are not as good as what she has described... LOL!

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