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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Their Felicity Moment - Part 1

Felicity - state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

Honestly, I have not even heard of such a word until I came across her blog. After attending her wedding last Sunday, I believe there is no other word that better describe her wedding...

The wedding of Ms Greenapple and Mr Tomato took place at Cyberview Lodge. J and I are both honoured to receive our invitation when we met them for the first time at TGI's Friday a week earlier. We were more than happy to accommodate Twinsmom (with her Belles) and Shiaulin (and her Xuan) in our car as both their husbands will not be attending. It's been a while since we last met up for a chat.

We arrived at the venue at 10.30am and were among the first few who arrived (minus the guests who already staying there). The reception table wasn't even opened yet. The ballroom was closed, hence, everyone hung out at the reception area. Little Skywalker can't wait to go inside the ballroom as he saw the staff carrying food in and out. Some waiters were serving drinks to the guests, and then, something funny happened...

Waiter: Drink, sir?
Me: Hmmm... what drink is this?
W: It's a welcome drink.
Me: Of course it is, but what type of drink is this?
W: I have no idea.
Me: Is it alcoholic?
W: No.
Me: Thanks.

As the bridesmaids came by the reception desk, I went ahead and check for our tables. To my surprise, the seating arrangement were so well planned that everyone was assigned to specific seats (as oppose to table only)! They even gave each and everyone a small piece of paper slip with their name and seat number on it! How amazing is that? It's like going to the cinema!

That's not all! It was only later that we realised why everyone was assigned to a specific seat on the table. It seems that Ms Greenapple planted more surprises for some selected people, namely the kids! I guess our table has the most gifts since half of them were small children! Little Skywalker got a Mickey Mouse wizard (from Fantasia) and two Sesame Street books waiting for him at his side of the table. The Belles got their similar dolls from Winnie the Pooh while Xuan got a toy car! Everyone was amazed at how much Ms Greenapple went through to find out their favourite stuff!

The ambience of the ballroom was very romantic indeed (Twinsmom managed to capture it very well), well suited for the theme of the day - Our Felicity Wedding. Everyone was given a handmade fan-like souvenior with different wedding picture of the lucky couple. There was also a big five-tier cake on one end stage, and it's a real cake! On the other end, there was a small but beautifully decorated multi-tier glass platform with a big candle on the top. You can see blue and white balloons "floating" everywhere to the kids delight!

To be continued...

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