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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Verdict Is Out!

The Objective:
Grab a few thousand bucks from a poor couple who are paranoid about their kids blaming them in the future for not taking enough precautions on their health.

The Competitors:
Company C vs. Company S

The Competition:
Round 1 (The battle of the sales rep.)
Company C won hands down as they sent a pretty face and sweet voice. Company S sent a guy and that fella made a mistake on our date of appointment (by a day!).

Round 2 (Price war!)
Both companies are on equal footing on this.

Round 3 (Product packaging)
Company C lost out big time on this because Company S "cheated" by partnering with an insurance company to provide additional coverage on hospitalization and surgery cost in the unlikely event.

The Result:

The Prize:
One year free annual charges went to my future in-laws!

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