Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


J was admitted to the hospital for the first time since her pregnancy. She had some minor fluid discharge since last Sunday. My mother advised her to go for an unscheduled check-up to avoid any unnecessary infection. I brought her to UMMC for a check-up on Monday evening and she was admitted to the ward for observation.

Bringing Little Skywalker along was a big mistake. Firstly, the UMMC nurses told J to leave the bags with me as they have no place to put a bag. What sort of excuse is this? What about those mothers or single parents that came without company? With the bags with me, I cannot bring the impatient little fella anywhere. He started to get restless after 30 minutes and I was very frustrated as well as I cannot even go pee!

After waiting for almost two hours, they finally finished on J and admitted her. Little Skywalker was very reluctant to leave her "sick" mother at the hospital. I was lucky to be able to coax him out of it. I took a day EL yesterday and brought Little Skywalker to visit his mother in the afternoon. He was much better this time but was still in tears when we were told that J needs to stay for another night.

Hopefully she will be discharge today! I think the little guy (not to mention the big guy) misses her badly...

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