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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First First Week

Although it should be much easier and familiar during the second round, but the first week with a newborn is still a brand new experience to us. If you have read the story from our experience with Little Skywalker, you would notice that we did not have him brought home until his second week.

For a start, Sean sleeps a lot on his first few days! He was constantly tired and yawning when he was awake. Although Little Skywalker did the same thing on his first few days, but he was heavily drugged then to help his recovery. As for Sean, we hope that by sleeping a lot, he will grow at a faster pace (He was about 0.5kg lighter than Little Skywalker at birth). Still, I was worried. Fortunately, zara's mama told me that Sean's sleeping habit is normal for a newborn. Phew!

Little Skywalker did not sleep at home for the past one week. J and I consider him as a bio-hazard around newborns (evident when he was around Tiffany). He was happy staying with my parents but they did bring him to visit his younger brother every evening. My parents also brought him on a vacation trip to Penang over last weekend. After he came back, he kept referring his brother as his cousin, and called him Tiffany!

p/s: Surprisingly, quite a number of people does not know that UMMC is not a father-friendly (meaning they do not allow fathers to be in the delivery room) hospital, like many other government hospitals (except Selayang Hospital).

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