Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, August 07, 2006

He Wants Me!

Like the other ordinary nights, Little Skywalker will latch on to J like a koala bear come bed time. The "I want nen-nen" will be echoed by the walls of the room each night without fail. J had been accompanying Little Skywalker on his sports-car bed and I am left with a king-size bed to myself. Like I said before, it is quite a lonely feeling without his annoying little kicks.

Last night, Little Skywalker fell asleep in the living room around 8pm when we started watching the F1 racing. We thought he would sleep through the night but it was not meant to be. He woke up around 9 something and became active again ever since! When came bed-time, he was at his peak in terms of hyperactive hormones! He obviously did not want us to turn the lights off, but we did it anyway.

While he quietly latched on to J, we thought he would sleep anyway. J dozed off within five minutes and he continued sucking. After a while, he climbed up to the king-size bed instead. Since I was still awake, I invited him to lie down beside me. Surprisingly, he responded to my request and started singing songs while lying next to me. He must have sang at least 5-6 songs (in complete lyrics) before he asked me to join in. And there we were, singing along for quite some time.

After all the singing, he requested me to go to sleep instead while he also pretended to snore by himself! So, I followed his act as well, pretend to snore and kept quiet. It was really fun having him sleeping with me for a change. We had a great time before his addiction kicked in and went back to look for J. Both of them came up to our bed later as J did not want to see Little Skywalker climbing up and down the two beds.

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