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Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Would You Do?

Just read the sad headline on the New Straits Times - "Papa, papa, help me...". I am sure everyone would have read or heard about this unfortune fire which took away four lives, all of them children. It was stated in the news report that the father of the three children (who were all asleep when the fire broke out) did not managed to find the children due to the thick smoke caused by the fire, and the fact that the fire happened at 1.30am.

After reading these, I can't help but picture myself reliving the horrifying situation based on the description by the father involved. Although I can think very rationally and logically in almost every decisions that I make daily (probably due to the fact that I am in computer programming), I highly doubt I will behave in the same manner if such an incident were to happened to me (God forbid). If no one is there to stop me (I mean drag me out and tie me down), I am sure I would remained in the burning house until I find my love ones or die trying.

If you think I am a hero for doing that, then you are so wrong. I assumed I would take such irrational action because I know I am too coward to face the facts later. I am afraid I might go insane after. I am afraid that I will end up in the streets talking to myself. I am afraid that I will have nightmares haunting me for the rest of my life. I am afraid that I will lose the will to live on and decides to take my own life. In short, I do not think I can face up to such cruel facts...

May God bless the souls of the four children and give both the parents the courage and will to carry on with their lives.

p/s: How do you think you would react to such horrifying incident?

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