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Friday, August 11, 2006

Slowing Down

I took my grandmother to the hospital in order to have her blood taken for some test before her doctor's appointment end of this month. As I was leading her to my friend's place (whom I asked to take her blood), I began to notice that my grandmother is walking much too slowly compared to my pace. That was the first time I've ever noticed it before.

I came to realised that I might have been going through life at a much faster pace than I would have like. My rush-hour routine moved to the high gear as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. I will rush into the bathroom to have a quick shower, get everyone and everything into the car before 6am, and drive to drop off Little Skywalker at my parents'.

After dropping off our son, I went up another gear to drop J at her office before joining the minor traffic jam to reach my office. Breakfast will be at a nearby mamak stall every morning with almost the same diet. I could even find that I am overtaking people when I am walking to breakfast. I guessed most people are still half-awaked.

Living life on the high-speed lane has some negative effects on me. I have become very impatient with others and when things are going much slower than what I would have liked. For example, I start to find eating my meals a waste of time (LOL!). I wished I could just pop a pill to fill my stomach, instead of waiting 15 minutes for my meal and another 5 to finish it. I would curse "stupid" drivers when I am "forced" to follow a ridiculously slow car. Trust me, you won't want to be stucked in the same car with me in a traffic jam, unless you are the driver :P

I also feel very uneasy around people who is taking their own sweet time to do things. I felt they have no sense of urgency, but the true fact is that I am the one who is loosing my patience. When J took her own sweet time to enjoy her meal, I would be nagging and stepping my feet impatiently. When Little Skywalker refused to sleep until midnight (given the next day is a working day), I will be very pissed off and raised my voice at him (sometimes even give him a smack).

After the revelation this morning, I think I should start taking my life a little bit more easier and slower. Another motivation for me to do this is that I am worried that my temper and impatient behavior is slowly being passed on to Little Skywalker. If you have met him, you would know that he (being the monkey he is) will never sit still for anything. He has less patience than me when it comes to getting what he wants. Like father like son?

I think it's time for me to slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy the scenery...

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