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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mothers' Morse Code

I bet everyone knows about the famous Morse code, right? Well, I bet you do not know about the secret Morse code that is being shared among mothers (especially mothers with a single child). in my neighbourhood. You see, we have three such mothers (including J) living at my neighbourhood (one next to us and another one directly opposite us). Due to the fact that their children are without siblings (for the moment), they tend to be alert if the others are around so that their children can interact with each other.

In our case, the communication medium used are the noisy shoes that their children are wearing. My grandmother bought Little Skywalker his pair of noisy shoes when we went back to Parit earlier this year for Ching Meng. Our neighbours bought theirs later after they came to know about it. Since then, the mothers have been using the shoes to send out signals among themselves. Let me explain how it works...

Almost every evening, one of the mothers will bring their child out (wearing the noisy shoes) walking in front of their house. Since our house are located very near to each other, we can obviously hear the "squeeky sounds". Upon hearing the "signals", the other mothers (who are around) will also get their child ready and bring them out as well. All the children will be wearing their noisy shoes in order to further annoy everyone else!

Among the three children, Little Skywalker is the eldest (among eight months older!). He is regarded as the Tai-Koh among them, not because of his age, but because of his non-stop yapping and his rough character. Although Little Skywalker will asked to go out upon hearing the "signals", he only wanted to get out of the house, not because he wanted to play with his friends. When he is out, he will be running around by himself 50% of the time.

Here are some shots of them mingling with each other...

They were overly curious over our neighbour's car plate. Also take a look at their expressions when they were asked to shake hands!

Then, they shifted their focus to our water meter. Who knows? Maybe they were the ones behind all the missing water meters recently!

Oops! Someone fell down and some blood came out! Look how Little Skywalker tried to "take off" from the crime scene, LOL! (FYI, our son was innocent)

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