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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tangkak Trip - Part 3

After a good night sleep, Little Skywalker woke up with a big smile on his face. We mingled on the bed for a few good minutes before going down to greet everybody good morning. He had his breakfast of milk and bun on the table quietly with us, which was rare because he wouldn’t sit still normally when it comes to his meal.

After our breakfast, the first round of durian was brought back from the orchard by J’s uncle and auntie. J quickly brought Little Skywalker to see the durian at the back of the house. Later, we also brought him to look at all the different types of fruits planted at the backyard of the house. We also spotted some strange rambutans that is growing upwards instead of hanging down from the tree!

When we noticed many mosquitoes were chasing after Little Skywalker, we decided to bring him to the front yard and let him play football with the rest of the kids before his shower. Normally he would nap for half an hour or so after his morning shower but the place is just too happening and exciting to have a nap. He continued playing around the house, J got to chit chat with her mum, grandma and aunties, while I was reading newspaper and watching TV with the guys.

We had an early lunch at 11.00am. At around 1.00pm, the weather became very windy and J brought out our bubble set to for the kids to play. It was quite difficult to blow and the bubbles were flying everywhere (back to your face sometimes) because the wind was just too strong. Anyhow, they had a great time. The adults at the back garden started calling us to eat durian again. We hardly had any when the rain started to pour. J brought Little Skywalker back into the house while the rest still eating in the rain (under some shelter of course).

We bided farewell while the rest were going to the orchard for a second round of durian picking at 3.00pm. Little Skywalker was still playing until the very last minute and did not want to let go of the badminton racket, shuttlecock and a small basketball that he was holding. In the end, he added more stuff into his toys collection!

We had a really great time in the small town of Tangkak. It’s too bad we never had a chance to go to the orchard because we woke up late. Hopefully we will be able to do that come next durian season.

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