Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, August 18, 2006

On The Road

We will be traveling down South to the small town of Tangkak this weekend for a one night stay at J's uncle. J's family has planned a durian feast there to enjoy the durians from their orchard. Fortunately, Little Skywalker is quite a big fan of the "King of Fruits" as well as plain water. Otherwise, he will be suffering from a sore throat later.

On the way to J's uncle's place, we plan to drop by Jesslyn's place for a visit. I asked her to belanja us a dim sum dinner/breakfast, but she said there wasn't any store selling dim sum at Tangkak (sigh!). She said she's going to cook for us instead. It will be a good chance for Little Skywalker to mingle with both Lyon and Wien, hopefully they don't end up in a fight! LOL!

Will write more after we're done rocking the little town of Tangkak!

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