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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tangkak Trip - Part 2

After leaving Jess’ house, J start calling her dad and uncle for instructions to her uncle’s house at 莲花村 (Lotus Village). It was quite easy to find with the road signs. On our way there, we passed by the famous Gunung Puteri Ledang. J and I were talking about the legend behind it but we ended up confusing it with the Mahsuri legend instead. Shows you how much we know about our country.

According to J, her uncle’s house still looked the same from the last time she visited (about 10 years ago), except for the additional fencing, which made the compound looked smaller, less friendly but more secured. The bungalow-style house was built in the middle of a one acre land (and the total cost for both land and house is only RM120k!).

Little Skywalker’s first comment was “那边有toilet的!”. (referring to the little hut used as store room behind the house.) He was all excited and happy to see his grandma, grandpa and the three sisters again. He quickly jumped down the car and follow them around the house, while J and I unloaded our stuff into the house. There were also loud fireworks no thanks to the neighbours who were celebrating a 51th birthday with a loud karaoke dinner at their compound.

We let him run around the house compound until sunset before going into the house for dinner. While we were in the house, he continued playing (i.e. running up and down stairs, jumping on the bed, playing the keyboard, feeding pet crab, eating) with the three sisters and J's uncle’s 3 kids until the rest had no energy left to entertain him. He then went on to "ride" on a bicyle that was too big for his own size instead.

Come bed time, he started fusing around and refrained people from turning off the lights, started crying and wanted to go downstairs (where all the fun was). I guess that was the after-effects of an overly-hyped evening.

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