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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tangkak Trip - Part 1

As planned, we left J’s at 1.00pm sharp to pick up Little Skywalker from my parent’s. Since I decided to use Jalan Duta/Sg Besi way instead of Sungai Buloh (to save a couple of bucks), we had our lunch at the Mcdonald’s next to the closed down Mint Hotel. In the middle of our lunch…

L: Shh Shh liao.. shh shh liao
J/E: Shh shh lah, got mamypoko, never mind, 可以 shh shh 这边... (can shh shh here)
L: no.. shh shh in the toilet!
J : (guilty) I bring him to toilet ah!

Lately, he has been telling us off frequently when we ask him to pee in the diaper when we are out. Bad parent we are :p

We continued our journey after our quick meal and reached Jesslyn’s place at about 4.30pm. Little Skywalker protested a bit at first as he just woke up from his long ‘car nap’. Our arrival also managed to wake up Lyon, Wien woke up a while later. Lyon cried and kept clinging on to Jess (like a koala bear) the entire time. Little Skywalker tried to “buy” her over by offering her some snacks, but she was too smart for that.

We chit chat like old friends although this is the first time we’ve met in person. Being his KPC-self, Little Skywalker was playing with the Wien, enjoying Nutrigen, eating sweets and requesting more food (jelly) from Wein, asking Jess and Wien many questions eg. “什么来的?” (What's that?) or “什么声音来的?” (What sound was that?). He was really making himself at home! He even "took" home 3 books (thanks a lot Jess!!).

After the chatting and eating session, we moved to the backyard to see some animals they have as pets (including chicken, roaster and rabbits). It’s a very beautiful backyard, there is even a home-made swing under a big tree! We then move to the front garden to see the tupai (squirrel) which was caught at Jess’s relatives’ durian orchard. The poor little squirrel was so active, jumping around in the cage and its funny to see him eating rambutan offered by Wien. Little Skywalker was also very busy playing with the Lyon's bicycle and car at the porch area.

Come farewell time. J headed back into the house to take her handbag. Suddenly, she heard a cute baby voice with a happy tune “aunty bye bye”. She turned and saw Lyon. So cute of her bidding farewell to us without having told by her mum. J thought she had started to accept us as friend. But according to Jess, she was just happy to see guests leaving their house. So, J was only 自作多情 (Funny girl!). But Lyon did miss Little Skywalker though as we were told that Lyon kept asking Jess "Where is Kor Kor?" after we left.

More pictures while we were at Jess's...

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