Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, August 28, 2006

Vacation Time!

You see, most people would normally go for their after they finished some big project/job. It is not necessarily true for me though, I would rather take a really good rest before embarking on a big project. As luck would have it, we booked our vacation about a month ago, but I recently landed myself with two new jobs (freelance type) a week ago. But that will not change our vacation plans.

Tomorrow, we will be heading up hill again for the second time this year! (You can also read more about our first trip of the year) I could hardly remember how many times we have been up there since Little Skywalker was born. It's just amazing how much he is still all excited to go on all the rides although he's been there for so many times (he's been talking about the rides for the past whole month whenever we pass by any Genting billboard)! We opted to go this week because the school holidays are just over and the crowd would have faded off by now :P

So, check back on Friday for more pictures!

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