Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Ever since Little Skywalker was born three years ago, he is more attached to J as compared to me. It was helped by the fact that he was breastfed for over two years. I rarely get much one-on-one with him except on Saturday mornings when J is working while I am not. I would made sure that we spent those few precious hours as fun as possible.

Another factor that Little Skywalker is more attached to his mother might be the fact that I am always the bad cop in the house. It's almost impossible to get J to raise her voice over her son. However, her condition has improved recently due to the arrival of our second son. At least now, she will raise her voice (after mine) when Little Skywalker refused to sleep at night. Unfortunately, my voice is still louder than hers :(

Since the arrival of our second baby, Little Skywalker has been showing signs of jealousy over his little brother. Although he hides it well, we could still sense that he is uneasy of being out of the spotlight of his mother. This turn of event actually worked towards my favour as Little Skywalker will come to me more often now :P

Sometimes, a little jealousy helps!

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