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Friday, June 06, 2008

What probably happened in the meeting... (Part 1)

Since there is not much benefit in complaining about the latest fuel hike, I might as well MAKE UP something to cheer you up. But who knows? It could well be true, given the quality of our cabinet members :P

Mari mari... duduk duduk... everyone had their makan and minum outside already?

(All the kenyang and sleepy ministers walked slowly to their own uSpace...)

(15 minutes later) OKOK... so how? Whose turn is it to kamikaze with this RM2.70 thing?

(Total silence... followed by some soft whipspering)

RM2.70? Apa tu? Why are we here again?

The new petrol price lah... apa ni? Makan terlalu banyak kah?

Oooo... yeah yeah... why RM2.70? not RM4? or RM2? Shouldn't we discuss this first?

Aiyor... you guys seriously think that we got time to "discuss" or "debate" this ah?
Keejay already finished his "research" last December and came out with this number already lah... but becoz my Feng Shui master told me to hold GE12 on March... so cannot raise then lah!

Ooooo... if Keejay think is correct... then I think should be correct lah... I am sure Oxford, or is it Harvard, won't make a mistake one mah!
(followed by loud Ayes from the rest of the "crowd")

Aiyor... who cares what is the magic number lah... you guys mia petrol all claim from gaoment one... so apa pasal bissing ni?

ya hor... true also... okok... then what is this kamikaze thing you tokking about?

Kamikaze also dunno ah? cannot blame you also... you long time not in cabinet liao... can someone explain it to him?

Kamikaze means breaking the freaking bad news to the press lah! Lidat also dunno, sigh! My brother told me he needs to do that quite often for the past few years!

Ooooo... icic... then of course not me lah... I just came back to the cabinet! Some more I am from JB leh... so close to Singapore... later our neighbour PM will invite me for yam cha leh!

Aiyah... like this lah... whose department is overseeing this anyway?

Should be finance gua... since it's a money matter... you are finance minister wor... you dunno anything about this one meh?

Aiyor, you know me lah... I let the boys handle things while I fly on my new plane for "meetings"... where got time? So, Yakup... how? Are you going to take one for the team? Kamikaze wor!

Errr... if I go down, who is going to "help" you in your taxes?

Hmmm... true also... TeaKeat? What about you? Since it's transport related anyway...

Errr... technically, I can do it... but I think it will reflect badly on you guys gua... I mean since this is a major gaoment decision... it should be announced by someone from UmmLoh gua :P

You want me to waive my "sword" again while he breaks the news? It will look as if we are well prepared... then the news people sure dun dare to ask many questions one!

Wah lau eh... you kidding ah? Everytime you do stunt like this... I have to invite all the editor-in-chiefs to Starbucks leh... you think I veli the rich ah?

Najeeb, what about you? LOL!

Yeah right! Over my dead body! If I do this, I will never take over as PM lah!

That's the idea mah... no lah... just kidding :P

Let me do it lah... I willing to take the fall for UmmLoh... if you give me at least a VP in December!

You sure or not? This is major press conference leh! A lot of foreign media will be there... I am sure Australia also will send some people... since you promised them that "you no speak-o inglis"... how you going to handle the Q&A session?
I don't think I can risk it! I still need you to jaga my family's properties in Aussie leh!

Taib: I can say my children teached me yesterday mah... cannot meh?

(Everyone laughs while they break for tea for two hours)

Continue reading in Part 2...

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