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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I got some Friso packs two days ago. One tin of Friso Gold 4 for my #1 and another tin of Friso Gold 3 for my #2.

A little background on both my sons’ milk powders. #1 dislikes any form of formula milk since he was taken off breastfeeding when he was 2 years old. We tried many brands but to no avail. We could only sneak some into him by mixing it with other hot drinks like Milo etc. As for my #2, we didn’t want to make the same mistake. So, we gave him formula milk since he was 6 months old.

The milk powder we gave to both of them are conventional ones only, with no extra GOLD features or whatsoever. Hence, Friso Gold is clearly considered an upgrade in every aspect. First of all, we love the “hygiene pack” that came with the tin. It’s much easier to open and close compared to the conventional aluminum covers. It also prevents the milk powder from being contaminated by water and germs (especially true since our milk powder inside kept at the kitchen).

From the information displayed on the tin, the Friso Gold formula will equip my children with a healthy combination of prebiotics (FOS), probiotics (L. reuteri), nucleotides, selenium and mixed carotenes. It also has DHA, AA and SA for my children’s overall development.

That being said, as a parent, what I would look for in any milk powder is it gives my child the ability to build up their own natural immune system to withstand common bacteria, virus and germs. This is especially true in my case since both my boys are really active and outgoing in their daily routine. From what I can see, Friso Gold is a very good choice for both of them.

p/s: I am writting this from Hong Kong :P

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