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Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Election Syndrome

After that historic day... and followed by the history fall of KLSE, I have been busy keeping myself updated with all the post-election euphoria that was going on. I think I am ready to give my take on the whole drama (by political parties)...

Election Commission
All the big fuss of amending our constitution just to extend that idiot's job for one year, I guess his head will be the first to roll after he failed to ensure a stunning victory for BN. The brainless excuse of not using the "super-ink" he bought with our money (that might be auctioned off at eBay) sealed his foul legacy in history. I suggest the unused ink to be used to paint his whole house black!

A defeat accepted with grace and humility by Dr Koh (the only one) was really a breath of fresh air into the ugly political world of Malaysia. It was a pity that their party was totally annihilated in Penang. His predecessor was lucky to have escaped such humiliation by retiring. However, Keng Yik must have suffered some form of setback since his son had also lost in KL.

I guess everyone is tired of being threatened by their "If you don't vote for us, you will not have a voice in the government". The Ong brothers should both resign in shame as both of them are the ones responsible for selecting the (wrong) candidates as well as coming up with the most idiotic campaign slogan! All I can say is "if you want to campaign for being low profile in everything, why bother campaigning at all?"

Well, what can I say? Many of the heavyweights went down. Three more MB posts went to the opposition. The Oxford son-in-law narrowly escaped a humiliation after a "recount". The May 13th and NEP threat backfired horribly. The only people left to be cannibalized are the armed forces and the less educated senior citizens who live in kampung. So far, this is the only party whose leadership are still in denial and have not offered any signs of remorse.

The whole party sank like the Titanic when the old captain guided them directly towards an ice-berg. My colleague who is from Sungai Siput was totally dissapointed with Samy's lost as he has really done wonders to the maintenance of the road back home. The only question is, if a monkey can see this coming after all the demonstration that has been going on by the community, why didn't he?

Heartfelt congratulations to all three, although their victory sent shivers down investors' spine. I hope they can really make their multiracial coalition work as long as it can. Don't disappoint the people who voted you into power (by fighting for positions)! I can safely say that if they fail to impress the voters within the next 4-5 years, they won't be return to power for another 50 years to come! Another thing, although the top leadership might be able to cooperate for the bigger picture, there is an urgent need to pass down the same message to the the grassroot members. Without a solid base, even the best leaders will tumble!

As for me, I think this election serves as a great lesson to those arrogant and greedy low-life at the federal and state governments. It shows that the rakyat's wishes deserves to be respected and not made fun of. We should not be threatened with ugly history events (which should be long left buried in the first place). We should not be threatened with FRU and their water canons. We should not be told to be grateful just because you guys are sleeping on your job while spending our tax and petrol money.

In the end of the day, we are your boss, and you are our servant. You are meant to serve us, not to rule us!

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