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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Virus Attack

Since early January, some flu virus has been attacking Little Skywalker, Little Sean and I, one by one. When one of us recovered, the other one starts showing symptoms. This went on for over a month. J seems to be the only one with the ability (probably with the power of two) to withstand the attack of the virus. It also means that the burden of taking care of the sick rests mainly on her shoulders (as the rest of us seem to succumb easily to the spreading of the virus). We have travelled to the clinic and paediatric clinic so often that the doctors can recognize our faces. Our medical bill went over RM500+ for the month.

Little Sean had to go under the nebulizer and antibiotic for a almost a week because the doctor suspected him of having a lung infection. The virus reaches its peak when Little Skywalker began vomiting non-stop one night. We decided to bring him to the clinic when J saw some blood came out in his vomit. All the doctor did was to refer him to the nearest hospital (Selayang Hospital) because Little Skywalker was badly dehydrated and probably needed some IV drip.

As soon as I realised that Little Skywalker was about to be admitted to Selayang Hospital, all the awful memories during his birth started to surfaced again in my head. It did not help when the doctor (that was attending to him at the hospital) expressed his surprise when he saw our boy's "colorful" history. "His delivery was really eventful huh?" was his exact remarks.

At the emergency department, my mother and I had a hard time holding Little Skywalker down so that the nurses can put him on IV. He is surprisingly strong eventhough he is dehydrated. He stopped vomiting shortly after he was on IV and went to sleep. They moved him to the paediatrics ward later so that one of us (no winner in guessing who) could stay back with him at the hospital.

J and Little Skywalker stayed at the hospital for two nights. He did not vomit again since the first night. His blood work did not show signs of dengue or any abnormality. Suffice to say, the doctor had no idea what was wrong with him. He was back to his normal active self by the next morning although his IV is still on. I brought him some games to keep him busy so that J could get some rest.

When he was finally discharged, he lost almost 2kg that he has gained over the past one year...

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