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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Snooze Schmooze

Thanks to Bkworm for this award...

I am dedicating this award to my wife, my two sons, my parents, my friends... and the list goes back as far as my ancestors 18th generations ago. Without them, I wouldn't be here to receive my first OSCAR Schmoozy. Yoh man! Hit the music!

OK, enough with the 5 seconds fame. I am duplicating and passing the award to the next recipients...

  1. Greenapple - Best Godparents (non-Mafia related)

  2. James - Best Script Writting

  3. Twinsmom - Best Family Sitcom

  4. Jason - Best Mumbling

  5. Zara's and Zaria's Mama - Best In-laws

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