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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gifts From Godparents

This was last Friday...

I received a call from J while I was still in office, "Tell Greenapple that her package has arrived!". I quickly wrote an email to her as she was so worried that her package might be lost in the mail (since it was sent more than 2 months ago). It was a huge package, weighing 3.4kg!

We had to wait a day before Little Skywalker was back to open the box (he was at Genting attending a conference with my parents). As soon as he knew that the box was for him, he tried to find ways to tear it open.

After going through 2-3 layers of wrapping papers, he saw a big box of Lego that was meant for him. It was a belated birthday present for him, from his Godparents who live far far away.

His Lego set aside, Little Sean also got his fair share of gifts! ("Baby's First Handprint" and some toddler's toys).

Both of them received the cutest cards ever!

J and I can't express our gratitude enough to both Tomato and Greenapple...

Our boys are so blessed to have both of you as their Godparents...

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